Get set for success on WorldFans

Get set for success on WorldFans

WorldFans gives you a path to a lucrative career as an influencer in an easy-to-use environment. We handle all the technology and payments so that you can focus on creating amazing content that your fans will love!

Here are our top tips to getting started on WorldFans with a bang!

Create your account right away!

The biggest block to your earnings potential is sitting and thinking for too long. Take action now and set up your profile on WorldFans. It’s super easy to do, just follow these steps to get ready to start earning money.

  • Register as a Creator
  • Verify your account
  • Add a bank account that is registered in your name or a verified e-wallet
  • If providing details of a bank account, use one that is domiciled in the same country as the one your official ID was issued in.

It’s as simple as that!

Decide how much you want to charge

You have the freedom to decide how much your fans should be paying to see your exclusive content each month within the range provided by WorldFans. Pick a subscription price that you believe offers excellent value for the quality and quantity of content you plan to share each month.

Then get creating! 

It’s a good idea to have some photos and posts ready to share as you attract your paying fans.

Tell everyone about your WorldFans profile!

If you’ve already built a following on other social media channels such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, it’s time to let your loyal fans know that they know have the opportunity to subscribe to you on WorldFans, where they can access never before seen content.

Create some excitement about your launch and give your fans a sense of what they have to look forward to. For example, if you’ve recently had an amazing photoshoot, you could post one photo or video about it on your social media channels and include your WorldFans link in the post for your fans to follow if they want to see more.

On average, you can expect that between 1 and 5% of your following will want to become paid subscribers and gain more exclusive access to your content.

Create content like a boss

Think of WorldFans as your business. The more you plan out your content for the weeks ahead, and think through how to drive traffic to your profile from your other social accounts, the more success you can expect to see.

When creating your content plan, think about what has attracted your current followers to stay with you, and how you can build upon that with higher value content that they will enjoy and be happy to pay for. This content could be ‘behind the scenes’ access, ‘how-to content’  and more detailed content than is available on your free channels.

Remember that you can share content in a range of formats – video, photos and text, with far fewer restrictions on the length than some other channels. (And of course, many more ways to earn money!)

Avoid reusing content that you have posted for free on other channels because your loyal fans will notice and may question the value of paying a subscription fee.

Aim to plan out your content at least one week in advance, so you always have high-value content ready to share, rather than rushing and compromising on the value your fans receive.

Quality comes first

Focus on the quality of what you share rather than aiming to post a high quantity of less valuable content. This approach means more to fans than sheer volume.

If you are in doubt about the type of content your fans want to see on your WorldFans account, you can start a conversation with them about this on your other social channels, which will also help you to promote your channel further.

Keep your fans coming back for more!

As you share great content, your fans will want to engage with you. Make sure that respond to them and start getting to know them. You can start creating more unique experiences for your most committed fans by finding out what they want to see and charging for personalised content.

Track what impact the things that you share has on your subscriber base. For example, if you gain significantly more fans in one month, what did you do differently? Keep doing more of what works, and you’ll build an engaged and growing subscriber base.