How do I use tips on WorldFans

How do I use tips on WorldFans?

Tips are a great way to increase your income as a WorldFans creator and to keep your most loyal and engaged fans happy and wanting more. 

As a fan, tips are an excellent way to show your appreciation for a creator, encourage them to keep producing the content you love and respond to your direct messages.

Tips are voluntary contributions to creators and therefore different from pay per view (PPV) messages which require a fan to pay a specific fee to unlock the content.

Tipping around the world

In many countries and cultures, it is typical to tip for good service and to generously tip if someone has gone above and beyond to deliver an outstanding service.

WorldFans attracts a global community of creators and fans, many of whom will want to use the tipping functionality.

Tips work on both free and subscriber-only accounts and can be used in many different ways.


As a fan, the best ways to use tips include:

  • Tipping a creatorโ€™s profile to support them and show your appreciation for their work.
  • Tipping during a Livestream.
  • Tipping a specific post to demonstrate how much you enjoyed it.
  • Tipping a creator for a direct messaging conversation that you have enjoyed.


Start posting content

WorldFans will enable tips on your account once you have posted your initial five pieces of content, so get started as soon as possible! 

Fans will then be able to send a general tip to your profile to support you or tip against a specific post, Livestream or through direct messaging conversations.


Fans love the opportunity to interact live with creators, and itโ€™s one of the most effective ways to get tips. This channel gives your fans opportunities to ask you questions and get to know you better in a fun and engaging way.

While fans are watching the Livestream, they will have the option to tip the creator. You could even try co-streaming with another creator to extend your audience and add extra value to your existing fanbase.

Make posts that your fans love!

Youโ€™ll soon see patterns in what type of posts your fans like the most based on the engagement you get on each post and the amount of tips you receive. 

If you spot the patterns, and keep your fans supplied with a consistent flow of the content they love, you can expect to see your tips and subscriber numbers growing over time.

Be responsive to direct messages

Fans love to connect with creators on a one-on-one-basis through direct messages, making it one of the most effective ways to encourage tips.

Be responsive to fans who reach out to you through DM and give special attention to ones who tip in return.

Create a tip menu

You could also create a tip menu on your profile with suggested tipping amounts for different content types, over and above the content that fans can expect as subscribers.

Remember, tips are voluntary and if you want to charge each fan a specific amount to access a particular piece of content, consider using pay per view messages through DMs. Free accounts have the option to lock posts until a follower pays to see them.