How to get more fans on WorldFans

How to get more fans on WorldFans

There are so many ways to build your following on WorldFans profitably. In this blog, weโ€™ll cover everything from how to launch effectively, to growing your subscriber base, to not alienating your other social media followers.

Letโ€™s jump in!

Launch with a bang!

Your WorldFans launch is the perfect moment to build excitement across all of your social media channels. Give your followers a sense of what they will see on WorldFans without duplicating your content. You could share the first few seconds of a video or one photo from an exciting new shoot with a call to action for them to subscribe to see more.

Your followers will not see the value in subscribing if they see the same content is for free elsewhere. Make your paid subscribers feel special by sharing exclusive content that is even more exciting than what you provide for free.

For example, you could share:

  • Videos where you open up more deeply about your life
  • Behind the scenes footage and interviews from your photoshoots
  • New information first! If you are about to launch something that you will talk about on other social channels, help your WorldFans subscribers to feel special by telling them first.

Keep sharing content on other social channels

Your other social media channels will remain important as a way to grow your WorldFans account, so donโ€™t neglect them.  That will also keep your regular followers happy ๐Ÿ™‚ !

Give your followers a sense of what you are exclusively sharing on WorldFans and provide the link to subscribe each time. 

Itโ€™s typical to convert between 1 and 5% of your followers into paying fans on WorldFans.

Share social proof

You can share feedback from your fans on WorldFans about your content, to let your followers know what they are missing out on! FOMO is real!

Do this in a way that doesnโ€™t compromise your fanโ€™s identity. For example, you could share a compliment you have received without sharing the name of the fan who left it.

Exclusive and high-quality all the way

We canโ€™t stress enough that the way to grow a loyal and engaged following is to share content that your fans can only access on WorldFans, which is also high-quality.

News about the amazing content you share will start to spread virally as happy fans mention it to their friends.

Promotions and discounts

WorldFans enables you to offer discounts and special offers to new subscribers for set periods. Test if these help you to grow your subscriber base and retain followers once the promotional period ends.


If you are connected with other influencers with extensive social media followings, you could collaborate to promote your WorldFans profile in return for you helping them promote something relating to their business.

You can also pay for shoutouts on prominent accounts, but avoid spending money that you donโ€™t have. There are also lots of organic ways to grow your fanbase.

Test and learn

Try different approaches to growing your subscriber list, see what feedback your fans give you, and then what happens to your numbers and your income! 

Remember that building your WorldFans business will take time and work, but in return, gives you the opportunity to create a great income stream.