How to make great videos for WorldFans

How to make great videos for WorldFans

Video is a great way to communicate with your fans on WorldFans. It allows you to connect with them on a deeper level, as they will get more of a sense of your personality and energy.

But how do you create an excellent video for your fans? 

Here’s our tried and tested method!

Start with what you have

If you are just getting started with content creation and don’t have spare cash for equipment, don’t worry! If you have a smartphone, that will have a powerful enough camera to get started with.

You’ll need to find a well-lit area to record in and to put your camera on a flat surface, so your video doesn’t jump around as you’re recording.

As your WorldFans account grows, you could consider buying some of the simple bits of kit that we mention later in this post.

Schedule time to plan your videos

The best video content takes some planning. You don’t need a word-for-word script, but it’s helpful to think about the key messages you want to convey in your video and a good setting to film it in.

You could do this planning in a separate time block to when you film the videos; see what works best for you.

Shoot videos in batches

If you’ve gone to the effort to dress up for a video and create a good film set, you may want to film a batch of videos in one go for efficiency.

You can change your outfits and the backdrop to keep each video looking fresh and different.

Shoot horizontally

Your videos will look so much better on WorldFans if your camera shoots horizontally and not vertically. 

That’s how we watch content on TV, and it will give you a lot more space on-screen.

Use a tripod

If you have the budget to invest in some simple kit, then a tripod for your phone or camera will help you to film professionally, without bumps and shakes. 

If you’ve shot a great video, but it has a slight shake in it that you want to remove, it’s possible to edit it out with specific software for video stabilisation.

Make it easy to focus on you

Your fans are watching your video to find out more about you. 

You can help them do just that by shooting your video against a plain background such as a clean wall, so there’s nothing to distract their attention.

Pay attention to lighting

Having good lighting makes a much better quality video. If you don’t have lighting equipment right now, find a well-lit area of your house that benefits from natural light or find a quiet spot outside with great light.

An inexpensive ring light will be a great investment as your channel makes money, allowing you to film a great quality video even in gloomy light conditions.

Do some simple editing

You can make your videos much more engaging with some simple editing to remove long pauses or to add some text and music.

The great news is that you can start editing for free with simple software such as iMovie. If you want to invest in more powerful editing software overtime, Adobe Premier Pro and Final Cut Pro are popular options.

Keep it simple, and just get started!

It’s easy to overcomplicate video production. Remember, the thing your fans care about most is hearing from you and your authenticity.

If you’re new to video, just get started with what you have. You’ll pick it up quickly, and your videos will become better and better over time.

Have fun creating!