How to make money on WorldFans

How to make money on WorldFans

Once youโ€™ve set up an account on WorldFans, itโ€™s time to start building your income stream.

There are so many ways to do this!

Monthly subscriptions

You can charge your fans a monthly subscription fee to access your exclusive content such as text posts, videos, and photos.

You can advertise your WorldFans account to followers on your social media accounts, such as Instagram and Facebook, and let them know what they are missing out on! Make sure that you keep your premium content exclusive to WorldFans, so that subscribers see the value in paying for access.

The more fans you attract and keep through your high-quality content, the higher your income will be. Whatโ€™s more, with WorldFans, you will keep more of what you earn than on other platforms.


Once you have posted five times or more, you can encourage your fans to send you a tip for content they have enjoyed.

Custom content – tip menus

You can create a list of items you will send to your fans in return for a specific tip amount. You could decide to offer:

  • Specific photos
  • PDF documents 
  • Videos
  • How-to guides
  • Recipes etc

Once you have posted your tip menu, make it easy for your fans to find it by pinning it to your WorldFans profile page.

Pay Per View (PPV) messages

You can use PPV messages to send content to your subscribers. They can only access this exclusive content if they pay for it.

This functionality also enables you to take payments for custom requests. For example, if one of your fans asks for a specific video message or photo.

Your fans will see a message about the locked content and what format it is in, but it will remain blurred until they pay you to see it.

Price lock/PPV posts – free accounts only

If you have a free account, you can lock some of your posts, allowing fans to access them if they pay a fee.

Build relationships through direct messages (DMs)

WorldFans gives you the option to get to know your fans and what content they would like to see through the DM feature. If they enjoy interacting with you in this way, it could result in tips and fees for sending personalised content.

Mass messages

The mass messaging feature allows you to send the same message to all of your fans, saving you a ton of time. You can then engage with the ones that reply, which may result in tips and orders for bespoke content.


Your fans will love to hear from you live, and it can be a great way to boost your income. You could run a regular Livestream to interact with your fans, and those who enjoy the experience will send you tips.

You also have the option to Livestream with other creators, which can boost your subscriber numbers.

If you have a free account, you can also charge for access to your Livestreams.

Top tips for earning more money

Here are some top tips from successful creators:

  • Reply to messages from your fans. Deepen those relationships!
  • Welcome your new fans to give them a great experience and build relationships from day one. You can even set up an automated welcome message to make this super easy.
  • Use polls to find out what content your fans want to see and make it happen!
  • Post links to your WorldFans profile on every social media channel you use and let your followers know what they are missing out on.