How to make time for your WorldFans content creation

How to make time for your WorldFans content creation

If you want to become a successful creator on WorldFans, you’ll need to treat your content creation like a business. 

The more consistently you show up for your fans, the more you’ll keep paying subscribers and attract more.

Here are our top tips for doing your content creation like a boss!

Block book content time

The simplest way to make sure you always have enough high-quality content is to block out your schedule, so you have time to focus on it.

If you work or study full-time, perhaps you could spend half a day each weekend taking photos, making videos, and writing posts, so you have content for the week ahead. You may even decide to spend a whole day on it and produce enough content for the entire month!

That way, you won’t be hunting for ideas in a rush every few days and burning yourself out.

Test out separating your content time into two parts:

  1. Content planning, during which time you decide what content you want to create.
  2. Content creation, when you take the photos, make the videos etc.

That should maximise the return on the time you invest.

Produce content when you have the best energy for it

Most of us have a time of the day or the week when we are most productive and energetic. 

The chances are that if you schedule some content planning or content creation time in a peak productivity window then you will get way more done, at a better quality and your fans will love you for it!

Always be creating

The more you get into developing your WorldFans channel, the more you’ll find ideas coming to you when you are out and about doing other things.

Make sure you capture these ideas straight away in a notebook, a voice message, or as text on your phone so you can come back to them when you are in your content creation time.

Cut out activities that don’t add value to your life

If it feels like you already have a busy schedule, and don’t have enough time for content, challenge yourself on that. Spend a week noting down how you spend your time and then reflect on it.

What are the things you’re investing time in that don’t add value to your life? 

If you can’t find any, can you redirect some of the time you invest in hobbies to develop your WorldFans business?

Done is better than perfect

If you find your content creation is taking longer than it should and you’re getting less done, challenge yourself to be less of a perfectionist. 

Yes, your fans need high-quality content, but no one expects perfect.

You will naturally find content creation easier and faster the longer you do it, so recognise that you are on a learning curve if you are new to the platform, and cut yourself some slack.

Use an electronic calendar or buy a planner

If you don’t already use a calendar or scheduler of some form, then now is the time! Schedule out your WorldFans time in it and make it a non-negotiable. 

It’s time to start saying no to distractions that come up in these time blocks.

Your future successful WorldFans creator self will thank you for it, as will your happy fans!