Should I have a free WorldFans account

Should I have a free WorldFans account?

WorldFans gives creators the choice of making their accounts free to subscribe to, or locked down to subscribers who pay a monthly subscription fee to access all of the posts.

So, which type of account is the better option for you?

The benefits of paid subscriber accounts

We find that most creators join our platform to monetise their audience and develop a more stable income stream.

Subscribers are a great way to develop a more predictable income over time. On top of your subscription income, you could earn:

  • Tips from fans who want to show you additional appreciation, for example, during a Livestream.
  • Fees from pay per view messages you send.

We find that creators typically convert between 1 and 5% of their followers from free social media platforms into paid subscribers on WorldsFans, so if you already have a large following, it can be pretty lucrative.

The downside of paid subscription accounts

The main limitation of a paid account is that you may struggle to build sufficient trust or interest from a prospective fan to encourage them to pay to subscribe, unless you have a following on free social media channels.

You also wonโ€™t be able to use the functionality that is available to free accounts only. Read on to find out more about that.

The benefits of free accounts

Free accounts can help creators who are new to social media and donโ€™t have a large following on other social platforms. Removing the barrier of a subscription fee means that you take away the biggest block to people engaging with your account. 

Once you have followers on your free WorldFans account, you have multiple options to monetise through one-off payments from your followers.

A free WorldFans account gives you access to two features that are not available to paid subscriber accounts:

  • Paid Livestreams – you can charge your followers a fee to access your Livestreaming sessions.
  • Locked/pay per view posts – you can set a price that a follower has to pay to get access to a specific post.

You also have opportunities to earn income from:

  • Tips
  • Pay per view direct messages that you send to all of your fans, or an individual.

Drawback of free accounts

The main limitation of free accounts is that your earnings may fluctuate more than subscription-based income. With paid subscriptions, as long as you do a good job of keeping your fans happy and promote your account, you can expect to see your income rising steadily over time.

You can smooth out your earnings with a free account by offering regular pay per view posts and messages, as well as paid Livestreams.

Canโ€™t decide? Have both!

If you like the idea of building a follower base through a free account and converting your followers to subscribers, WorldFans enables you to have one of each type of account and to connect them through your Settings page.

Remember to keep the content you share with paying subscribers exclusive to that account, otherwise your paying fans will not see the value in paying their subscription fees.