The best ways to connect with fans on WorldFans

The best ways to connect with fans on WorldFans

The most successful WorldFans creators are the ones who take the time to get to know their fans, and produce content that they love and want to see more of.

You have so many options for interacting with your fans on WorldsFans, so you can choose the channels that work best for you.

Welcome every new fan and subscriber

Make your new subscribers feel special right from the start by sending them a welcome message as they join your community. You can do this through a DM and start a conversation to find out what content they are looking forward to.

You also have the option to set up automated welcome messages to help you save time as your account grows.

Use polls to find out what your fans want

WorldFans comes with the option to ask your fans questions using polls. You can use this functionality to prioritise what content to create and get feedback on what your fans enjoy most about your account.


Livestreaming is a fantastic way for your fans to get to see you authentically. It can help them to feel a deeper sense of connection to you and your story.

Test out running a Livestream at different times of day and see which times gives you the best engagement rate. Fans can also interact with your stream after it has finished, so you can reach different timezones and a wider audience.

Use direct messages (DMs)

DMs are a terrific way to strike up conversations with your fans. You can send mass messages with announcements and pay per view content. Your fans will only gain access to PPV content if they pay to unlock it.

DM conversations may also result in you receiving tips, or requests for personalised content, which you can typically charge more for.

Multi-media posts

WorldFans gives you the option to engage with your fans using text, photos and videos. Try all three and see what your fans enjoy most.

Make sure that you keep your WorldFans subscriber-only content exclusive to this platform. If you also share it on free platforms, your subscribers will not see the value of paying for access.

Create a sense of FOMO amongst your followers

If you already have a following on another social platform such as Instagram or Facebook, you can let you followers know what they are missing out on! Share sneak previews of the type of content that is available exclusively to your WorldFans subscribers along with your profile link, and you’ll attract your most engaged followers to come and connect with you on WorldFans.

Recognise your top fans

Each month you’ll be able to see who your most loyal and engaged fans are. Take the time to recognise them in posts or through DMs to strengthen your relationship.

Surprise your fans with messages from your WorldFans vault

WorldFans stores all of your previous posts so you can use them again in the future. Surprise your fans by sharing your best content from earlier times with them by DM or in your feed. This approach is an excellent addition to keeping a regular posting schedule for new content.


Try out some of these techniques to connect with your fans and see which ones have the best success for you!